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The noseflute - a very difficult instrument to master!

Nai tiruvantel ar varyuvantel i Valar tielyanna nu vilya.

Aloof Elf Princess
27 September
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Hola! I am a slightly curious creature, not often seen nowadays. As you will notice if you read my LJ, I love Lord Of The Rings. That would be the books, the films, the actors... if I could marry it I would. Moving on....
You may also notice I use a lot of elipsis and CAPS. This is because they rock my socks! Also, this is sometimes because I press CAPS by accident.....
I love music - it is the food of love and instruments! I am sometimes prone to angst, but a few slaps swiftly administered generally solves the problem. I now come in new, collectable form!

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Date Created:2003-11-07
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Short, Scottish, and sociable, this 'hobbit' is never without a song in her heart, or a dance at her feet. Loves Lord of the Rings, dislikes maths. Can often be seen at the cinema, out dancing, curled up with a book, or on a Nintendo console. Alison is happy to make new friends, or write to existing friends!
Strengths: Easily amused, able to function whilest almost asleep, open, friendly and honest.
Weaknesses: Easily amused. Can tend towards the obsessive. Unhealthy interest in red lipstick.
Special Skills: Her special area of expertise is height deficiency. She also excels at quoting excerpts from various films and books.
Weapons: Obsessive LOTR knowledge can scare off the unwary. She also makes up for her lack of height in extreme tenacity - she may bite!
Quote: Nai tiruvantel ar varyuvantel i Valar tielyanna nu vilya.

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I'm romantic, and idealistic. I believe in fate, and destiny. I believe there is a higher force somewhere. I believe in magic, and dragons. I believe in (a thing called) love. I believe that organised religion is wrong, at least in the forms it has taken today. We must be allowed to explore, and come to terms for ourself with the idea of some greater power, be it a God, a force of nature, or just a greater power. I believe in belief, and hope. I need to have something to believe in. And no, I've not been smoking anything!
I am optimistic, with pessimistic inclinations. I can laugh at myself, and others. I always try to find the humour, or a positive aspect to everything. Often I fail.

I'm Saunders Approved!!!

But this is all part of the charm of knowing me (or so I prefer to believe!) This is a Friends-Only Journal, but comment, and I'll be glad to add you! But beware, all ye who enter here: you are walking into obsession! Turn back now if this alarms you!

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Elijah Wood is creepy love.

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